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5 Vegan Da-Fu balls, 10 Soybean sprout, 3 Mushrooms, Bamboo fungus (30g), Vegan crab meat (30g), 5 Gingkgos, 2 White Chinese yams, 6 Goji berries, Bok Choy (200g)
Ingredients of stock

Vegan (500g), Sliced Ginseng (2g), Sea tangle powder (2g), Seaweed (50g), Salt (50g)


1. Soak Bamboo fungus in water first then clean up and chop it.
2. Put sliced Bok Choy in the boiling water until boiled.
3. Mix above mentioned ingredients together then add vegan stock in.
Steam for 30 minutes until cooked. Add few drops of sesame oil over it to serve.

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